Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my baby steps into the world of bloggers

i have often wondered why people blog and what they get out of it. recently, i had a conversation with some friends. i told them that i was running an bloggers' competition and all of them asked me, "so do u blog?"... looking them in the eye i told them, "no. i don't. i have no clue what to blog about, or if i will be able to find the time to blog!" -- oh yes! the million and one excuses one will normally come up with to not do something :-) 

anyways, a friend of mine suggested that i should perhaps start a blog... (hmmm)

this thought has been playing in my head, and i find myself constantly asking ME if i have the capability to blog, if i will ever sit down and blog... the many "ifs" "can i" "will i be able to" questions. as i was going through the many possibilities and probability of me blogging i realized.. why not? after the many things that has happened in my life, and with the many new exciting things that is happening and will happen, plus the fact that i more often than not ramble my thoughts away to myself, there's no harm trying and starting a blog of my own. i mean, what's the worst that could happen? i reckon the worst that could happen would probably be:

1) me having a very standard template blog layout and design since i am not well-versed with designs
2) me not   keeping up with my own blogs and subsequently deleting and removing my blog site..

after all, there is no harm trying right? hence, here today marks the beginning of my journey, taking baby steps into the world of blogging. 

welcome to my world.. my little brand new world; my little space in the world wide web where i ramble my thoughts & share my stories. a place where someone somewhere would probably hear my thoughts and listen to (or read) what i have to say.. my little world where my 2 cents actually count ; at least to me.

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