Thursday, September 23, 2010

FINALLY! kick start & roll off..

ahh well.. in less than 12 hours my project; my baby, my pet project is gonna kick start and roll off! after months of working on it (and i mean MONTHS!!)  - the adrenaline rush; the stress, the excitement, the disappointment...everything and anything; the whole nine yards - whatever made me think i could do it (LOL)... anyways, all said and done, this thing is gonna hit the road tomorrow, and i got a feeling it's gonna be huge! (not super huge huge, but huge!) ... with 30 bloggers from all over malaysia, singapore & indonesia - united coming together for 6 day 5 night to share their SELANGOR STORY.

 i mean,  we know bloggers, we've seen bloggers, but bloggers from different states and countries? well, i don't know but this is something new to me.

oh well.. it's almost 430am now, and i've got to hit the road at 9am. guess it's time to catch some sleep. perhaps, while my precious 30 bloggers share their Selangor Story through their blogs over the next week, i would most probably be sharing mine as well.. from a different angle. oh..well........let's see :-)

Nitez nitez for now..


  1. finally,found ur blog...great job emilia....

  2. hahaha..gr8 job? it's so empty (nothing compared to your's) LOL.. i think i should perhaps blog more diligently eh?

  3. Wow,I didn't know that you started blogging so early. =)
    Abang Iman, you surely know your way around blogosphere yeah ^^

  4. haha vic.. not that early, but damn empty (up till now even) LOL!!

  5. yes fadli... i do have a blog. it has been asleep for awhile. about time to start blogging right? LOL