Saturday, April 30, 2011

such a taboo...

in this day and time, it's almost impossible to find someone without a mobile phone. no no.. a smart phone! yeah, we are all so smart that we can no longer survive with just, "hello, goodbye" and plain sms-es.  we need to check our emails, BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google, YouTube..etc..  ahh!! the world of social media - just can't do without it. being disconnected is TABOO!! A BIG NO NO!!!!!

these days, it is such a norm to see a group of people sitting together for a meal or drinks on the same table, and they are NOT talking to each other. i dare say, almost everyone would be "talking" to their smart phones. seriously, just take a look around you. having said that, i must say that i am more often than not a culprit, to the extend i have had someone said to me, "i think you would die without your hp!", or perhaps, "can't you just for once put down your phone?" 

i tried denying the fact that i would "die" without my phone. however, i found out one fine day that it is just so true!! can u imagine, just one day.. ONE DAY when the telco i subscribed to had network issues! i was totally connected! NO DATA!!!! omg!! i nearly died. i was so angry, that i was bitching about it over and over again, and i decided to dedicate this special issue of my blog to that telco i subscribed to. (you guys/gals go figure for yourself which telco i'm referring to) *hehehehee*

i will follow you
that's what you had promised me
but i don't think that you did
nothing you said seemed to be..
that's why my line is screwed!

YOU just don't follow, don't follow, don't follow
you f***ed up yellow fellow, you "soh low"
now i shall never follow not follow
that bloody yellow fellow fat fella
you thought that i'm so bodoh to just follow
well i am not do you know, don't you know
coz i am terminating you.....

(note: if you readers are a little creative, u can actually "sing" that special dedication :-p)

oh well, truth be told i never really did terminate my subscription to that telco. what i did was i subscribed to some "green ballz". oh well.. what to do? i just have a fat yellow that's to obese to follow me around in good pace and speed i have to resort to "carrying ballz"...

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