Sunday, November 21, 2010

the journey of a lifetime!

it's been more than a month since my selangor story's tour ended. soon... in less than 10 days, we will be announcing the winners for the competition; the one moment the top 30s have been anticipating and waiting for. so, how did the tour go? did it go well? were there hiccups? .. and of course, the BIG question "who are the winners?" 

ahhh... let's for now leave the question "who are the winners?" unanswered *hehehehee* i just love leaving things hanging in thin air; after all... it wouldn't be fun if i share with u our winners' list before the official announcement day, right??!?! :-p oh yes, i can practically hear some of u top 30s "cursing" me at this point...probably going, "mummy!! how can u do this to us?" ( i've been labelled "mummy" by the top30s and it's seems like it's gonna stick for a bit LOL!!)

SO! how did the tour go? ... have a look at the picture below. i'll leave it to you to decide ;-)

* happy faces all around *
(photos credits to TC,KK, Thristhan, Victor, Dania)
what to u think? was it a success?.. well... to me, it was!  

MSS 2010 was a tremendous success! no, i am not saying that because it's my baby. honestly, organizing the event took a great toil on me. it was in fact, one of the toughest most strenuous event i've organized in the 10 years plus of being in the industry! i can clearly recall the sleepless nights (for months) ; the times when the stress kicks in and i just cried to myself. and i mean, really crying, sniffling away with the lack of supply of tissue papers in the house. however, throughout the periods of stress, high blood pressure & tears, i continuously psyched myself, reminding myself that "it's going to be worth it..and this event must take flight and succeed no matter what the cost, especially when the top30s submitted their entries and are all ready to brace the my selangor story tour with no idea what lies ahead of them." (yes, the itinerary wasn't released until tour day! LOL!!) - with that constant little reminders to myself, and of course, from the tweets and emails from my top30 prior to the tour - which was extremely encouraging and motivating... i made up my mind to face what lies ahead and not give up! 

and boy, i'm glad i did not give up! 

the success of my selangor story is not about how smooth the whole tour was. it is not about how much good food we were fed with throughout the tour; it is not about the beautiful places each and everyone of us discovered, nor does it lie with the awesome prizes winners will be walking away with, thanks to our generous partners and sponsors. for me, the success of the event was how people from all walks of life came together in unity - setting aside their differences. the fact that bloggers from different parts of malaysia, indonesia & singapore came together for one purpose - to share their very own "selangor story". the amazing fact that though this was a competition, it didn't feel like one! instead, friendship was cultivated - long lasting friendship... and i believe without a shadow of doubt that this friendship is one that will definitely last a lifetime! 

was it worth it then for me to go through all that i went through to pull this together? .. my answer is YES! will i do this again? oh yes, OF COURSE! do i dread the possible stress and sleepless nights again? yes, it's kinda scary  when thinking about it.. but there is no way i'm not going to do it again!! (try stopping me...)

in all the top30's blogs.. they gave me tribute and told me that my selangor story would not have happened without me. but u know what? the truth is... my selangor story would not have happened without each and every single one of the YOU! - my awesome MSS kids. i love you guys and girls. each and every one of you. thank you for giving me an experience of a lifetime.

i just love u all so much!! *kisses and hugs*


  1. Love you loads too mummy, can't wait for your next event :)

  2. mwahs!!! thank you mummy amelia for being strong and yes, MSS was a success!!! *hugs*

  3. *muaks*.. give me a reason, or tell me how not to love u people! <3

    thris: next event... or rather events coming up real soon! there's quite a few lined up for 2011, including mss 2011 :-) while we wait 4 2011 events, let's 1st keep our eyes on the mss2010 results announcement .. hehehehe

    wenYi: having u on board as one of the top30 was a blessing! love u girl! *hugz*

  4. love u too mummy..even with wutever i said/comment or etc...this is one the best event/moment in my life..and one of the most wonderful journey i ever experience with different background,races and country..n i believe this might be one and only opportunity for me in my will be very difficult to have a wonderful journey/friendship like this....

    thanks mummy..stand tall and i will always remember the MSS journey and whoever behind it..keep it up mummy, i believe it will be more great event/success you will achieve in the future..

    P/s :just came back from Haven restaurant for my 3rd Romantic Anniversary dinner...20% discount thanks to MSS....

    Love U Mummy dan 10 jari mohon kemaafan jika ada terkasar bahasa/tersilap kata...hik3...

  5. did u comment anything bad at all? LOL!! i didn't realize.. ;-)

    am glad u were a part of the MSS 2010 journey.. having u in the team was a blessing.. the kids really learnt a lot from a veteran blogger like u!

    u have my word that this journey will never end. while u may not be able to join mss2011 as a participant (LOL - apa nak buat?) there will still be many platforms to continue on this "journey"..

    glad u enjoyed your dinner, your ANNIVERSARY dinner with your wife at Haven and the discounts!! woohoo!.. the perks of being an MSS blogger... hahaha

    catch up with u soon.. i know i will be seeing you!

  6. im the only one who didnt know Amelia has a blog! LOL! wth =.=

  7. @Nicole: now that you know.. make sure you support my blog ya? hhehee