Thursday, February 03, 2011

the moment dad threw the bomb!

time flies! time really flies!! still fresh in my head, the night i was counting down saying good bye to 2010 welcoming 2011 with open arms. and now, january is over and we are celebrating chinese new year!! time does pass in a blink of an eye. anyways....

as many of you would have known, in the pass couple of years i have always dreaded chinese new year. why? because, while chinese new year is a time when we gather with loved ones ... that is also when uncles, aunties, near or far relatives and friends whom we haven't met for a bit appears! no, their appearance don't scare me, but for me it is the many questions that freaks me out. last year, i avoided chinese new year altogether for fear of being asked questions i don't want to answer.

this year, i decided that i wouldn't run away anymore. this year, i am prepared to "face the music". bring it on! come what may!! LOL!! with that in mind, i  conjured a mental plan. i mentally prepared myself. if they ask this, this is how i will answer. if they ask that.. this is how i will answer.. ahhh.. well prepared. no problem! nothing to worry la.. just face it... i am so prepared.. *evil laugh*

and then it happened! i prepared myself for everything but this was one i wasn't prepared for. 

when i reached my "kampung" in klang, i parked my car at dad's and hopped into dad's car to go for our dinner. dad, step mom and i were in the car. barely 1 minute driving out of the house...

dad (very casually): ahh.. so.. ame, are u dating anyone? any suitors???
me: huh?? what??!!
dad: i asked you, if you are seeing anyone? if you have any suitors?
step mom: ya.. do u? you've been laying low for a long time only working!
*SHIT! how do i get out of this? i am so not prepared* so.. after a few seconds...
me: errr... what do u both think?
step mom: sure got la...
dad: dunno.. that's why i am asking you lah..
me: no wor... nobody wants me.. no one is interested..
dad: are u for real? 
me: yyyeaaaaaaa? are YOU for real asking me this, pa?
stepmom: i don't believe you... you just want to keep things quiet and secret
dad: so...? are you dating anyone? if you are not.. why not? 
me: i told u papa, no one wants me... *felt like jumping off the car then. must quickly divert topic*
dad: why are u not answering?
step mom: yalor.. just tell la..
me: yucks! what's that smelly smell?? (LOL!!)
step mom: there's no smell.. answer the question...
me: ok la ok la.. pa, you see ah.. i tell you something ah.. you see that building on your right?
dad: ya? what's with it..?
me: my boyfriend works there..
dad: *smiling* oh is it? what does he do?
me: and and.. wait.. you see that building on your left?
dad: yes..?
me: my other boyfriend owns that building!!
step mom: what???? how many do you have?
me: a lot!!! a few in klang, a few in kl, some in pj.. here and there la..
dad: haiya! talk to you waste time only la..
me: hahahaha .. yes lor.. so don't waste time asking ..else i will just tell you next time that i like women! 
dad & step mom: haiyo.. you ah...LOL!!

phew! talking about mental preparation. i was prepared for all toughest questions, but not this one. some of you might think that it's a simple casual question. oh yes, it was. but not when it's coming from my dad. if dad asks a question, it means he's been thinking about it for awhile and he's just picking the "right time" to ask. and what good timing he has! 

so am i seeing anyone? do i have any suitors? will i get attached again? ........ let's leave those questions unanswered for now, ya..? *hehehe*

GONG HEI FATT CHOI all of you! have a prosperous 2011 ;-)

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