Friday, November 26, 2010

conversations with the little king

i'm sure we've all heard the saying "kids says the darnest things".. i didn't fully understand that right up till little king started "talking". i must say, these conversations while entertaining when you talk about it later, didn't feel that way when you are talking. more often than not, they got me speechless and there were times when i said to myself, "wow! i guess i'm not that smart after all."

here are some of the things the little king says in his growing years...

this happened when he was about 3 years old on our way back home
little king: mummy.. i want to go buy toys.
me: nope
little king: why????
me: coz' u have got A LOT of toys! (mind u, he had enough toys to open a toy store)
little king: but i don't have megatron yet. i only got optimus prime... pleaseeee mom..
me: well, i don't have money
little king: then go to the bank. there's a lot of money in there!
me: but they are not my money. they belong to the bank and i don't own the bank.
little king: awww mummy... please....
me: no.. i can't afford to buy you another toy right now. ask daddy when you are back home.
little king: no! daddy is going to say no, because u said no! (he was almost in tears here)
me: then that's too bad, coz i don't have money now. let me think about it...
little king: (in a very angry tone) hmmph! think think think! i don't like u anymore mummy!
me: well.. there's nothing i can do if u feel that way....
little king: (still angry) i don't care! when i grow up i am going to buy you the bank so you can buy me toys!!!
me: ..........................

little king was watching cartoon, i interrupted him :-D
me: son.. there's something i want to tell u. look here for a bit please....
little king: yeessss mummy???
me: look at me please. look me into the eye while i tell u this
little king: okayy... but why? u want to see who's eyes is bigger?
me: LOL!! no... listen. mummy want u to know and always always remember that mummy loves you very much ok? and nothing will ever ever change that. u must not let anything or anyone tell u otherwise, ok?
little king: mummmmyyy.... why do you keep saying that?! you said it so many hundred million times already!!!
me: that's because i LOVE u very much, and i don't want you to ever forget that. you understand?
little king: YES mom! i remember already!! ti ti ti ti ti.. ok saved! it's already in the computer in my head!! i will ALWAYS remember.
me: always remember, alright son?
little king: OK!
me: good.. i love u..
little king: i love u too... now, can i watch my X-men?

* this is probably what little king thinks when talking to me *
a conversation that popped up out of the blue
little king: mummy.. when i grow up and i am working i will need to find a girlfriend right?
me: errr... no... you don't need a girlfriend just because you are working. why did you ask that?
little king: well because, when i grow up i will need to get married. so i must find a girlfriend!
me: i see... ok then.
little king: but mummy, when i am older and i have a girlfriend and i get married that means you will be OLD right?
me: yes, i will be so much older..
little king: but.. but.. old people die! and if you are old that means you will die!!! 
me: errrr.............. maybe...i don't know..
little king: but i don't want you to die, mummy. i don't want you to grow old and die!
me: but son, everyone grows old and one day everyone dies!
little king: yes! but that is when they are old! mummy! i don't want to grow up! i don't want to get married. 
me: now why did you change your mind?
little king: because, when i grow up and get married you will be old and you will die! so if i am still a children, you will always be around. i DON'T want you to die. i want to be with you forever!!
me: ok
little king: (runs and hugs me so tight and didn't let go till i said, "i can't breathe")
* after the conversation, little king continuously asked me everyday, "mom are u old?" - which i had to answer "No." *

since the divorce, little king has always been worried about me being alone
little king: mummy.... i think u should go find a boyfriend.. and marry him!!
me: huh?!!? no.. i don't want. no need...
little king: (in a very firm tone) u need to!!! u MUST!!
me: but why??? i have you!
little king: so won't be alone. you stay in such a big house! you are lonely!! i am not always here...
me: son, mummy is happy. mummy has a lot of friends and a lot of them are you see, i do have boyfriends.. :-)
little king: (in an extremely shocked tone) hahhh??? then you will have a lot of husbands???
me: hahhaahhahahahaa (i can't stop laughing)

i could go on and on about the conversations i had with little king. but i shall stop here.. perhaps i will post more someday soon...


  1. if Evan can buy you the bank - he can buy the whole freaking Toy'R'Us. LOLLL. All to himself.... He's so cute lahhhh!!! Awww. Let me play with him one day when i'm not in my working mode. :D Which I always was when he was around. LOL!!

  2. Jon.. aren't we all... ? especially me.. LOL!!